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How to clean the interior of a car?

How to clean the interior of a car? Easy-to-use tips and tricks. @RouteGurus Car Detailing The interior of the car also gets dirt particles stuck in it thus it is essential to clean it on timely basis. Each time you get inside the car you drag dirt inside. Whenever you drink or eat you add…

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Routegurus Launching  A Wonderful Recycling Program Very Soon Routegurus is a premier brand for car care products available all over the United States. They are the producers of excellent car care products like “Microcareful”, and have now come out with a recycling scheme for their own products. 13 December, 2014 | California,…

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PRESS RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Route Gurus Phone: 1-213-233-9437 New MicroCareful” Washing Mitt Launched! Route Gurus, a new player who has recently entered the motor vehicle care sector of the automotive trade, has today announced the launch of “MicroCareful” Washing Mitt – a new industry standard microfiber washing mitt that’s ideal…

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Cleaning is one of the most essential routine tasks that households adhere to.

Cleaning is one of the most essential routine tasks that households adhere to. A presentable and a clean house, with everything in place is one of the most trusted signs for a happy life. Household cleanliness includes kitchen cleanliness and dish-washing, as well as spotless floors and walls. Given the danger of germs and diseases…

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Do you despise the task of washing your car? You dont’t have to!

Many people despise the tedious task of washing cars or other vehicles. It requires time, effort, and a lot of tolerance, especially when people accidentally scratch or scuff the paint job of their car during washing it. Now however, there is a much simpler, much easier, and much more efficient solution to car cleaning jobs:…

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Experience the Ultimate Car Washing Experiencing!

Experience the Ultimate Car Washing Experiencing! Your vehicle is probably the first best thing in your life. It is probably the one thing which you use the most and which showcases your personality in an apt manner. Whether you own a luxury machine or a convenient one, keeping your car clean must be your priority.…

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Why the RouteGurus “MicroCareful” wash mitt?

Microfiber products are the perfect choice for cleaning and washing If you are looking for the ultimate solution for cleaning your car, then the microfiber wash mitt is the perfect choice. It lifts and clears dirt and grime, without even scratching your paint. What is more, it is usable several times for all types of…

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We’re finnaly here!

Fellow Car Enthusiasts  – we have finally arrived with New Site and New Looks but with the same AWESOME PRODUCTS ! And some new ones to come! The call for good stuff, quality services & products has been heard from far above the skies ! So we thought we make this concept store where we could…

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