How to clean the interior of a car?


How to clean the interior of a car? Easy-to-use tips and tricks.

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The interior of the car also gets dirt particles stuck in it thus it is essential to clean it on timely basis. Each time you get inside the car you drag dirt inside. Whenever you drink or eat you add few more crumbs and spills inside the car which makes the interior dirty. While sitting inside the car if do makeup and other activities those makes the interior of the car dirty then you need to know some steps to clean up your interior of the car.

Steps to clean the Interiors of the car

  • At first, collect all the equipment and items needed for the cleaning purpose. You need a vacuum cleaner with hose and attachments, a garden hose, paper towels or lint-free rags, window cleaner, vinyl cleaner and small detailing brush.

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  • Empty the car by removing all the belongings, trash and recyclables. Take out the floor mats if any.

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  • Start with vacuuming the floorboards, around the pedals, under the seats, rear deck, and top of the dashboard. To clean in between the seats and beside the seats use the brush attachment on the seats, rear deck, dash and a crevice tool.
  • If you have plastic floor mats for the car then vacuum them and if they are really muddy then hose them with a garden hose and keep them to get dry.
  • Sprinkle some vinyl cleaner onto a cloth and wipe over the top front and then work down the back over the vinyl surface of the car. When one rag gets dirty move to another one and when both gets dirty switch to clean cloth.
  • Buff the vinyl surface with a clean and soft cloth.


  • Clean the windows, dashboard, and all plastic parts and surfaces with a window cleaner. Start working from the clean area to the dirty one so as to leave the dirt particles for last. Only use this cleaner on metals, plastic, glass and on the non-porous surface only.
  • Now wipe out the excess cleaner, dust, and junk with a rag or a paper towel.

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  • Now use a small detailing brush and clean the vents. If the vents are very dirty use a cotton swab. (We recommend using the special MicroMitt XS for vents and hard-to-reach spots.)
  • Clean your car’s seat by checking the car’s manual. If the seats are of fabric use a carpet cleaner to clean it, if the seats are of leather then use a soft brush. After cleaning the seats, condition the seats with water based neutral conditioner.


  • Now clean the mirrors of the car as they are the most important part. Use an actual glass cleaner and don’t use products which contain Ammonia. Clean the mirror with small circles rather than diagonal or horizontal wipes.
  • Finish by detailing the car using a toothbrush to get an add-on touch.


After completing the cleaning of the interior it is very important to remove any odours from the car. So use an odour remover which can kill odours and deliver a refreshing smell which makes the interior environment pleasant and also makes the drive fresh and enjoyable.

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