Routegurus Launching  A Wonderful Recycling Program Very Soon

Routegurus is a premier brand for car care products available all over the United States. They are the producers of excellent car care products like “Microcareful”, and have now come out with a recycling scheme for their own products.

13 December, 2014 | California, US: Routegurus is responsible for giving some of the best car care products in the world. They mainly are producers of washing mits, finishing equipment, waterless cleaning products, detailing equipment, etc. These products are mainly aimed at car enthusiasts, who treat their cars as their family members and take extreme care that they are always clean, in good shape, and always shiny. They can use these products for high grade car maintenance.

Routegurus has recently launched a new product in the washing mits line, known as Microcareful. But we are not going to talk about that. We are here to talk about the new recycling scheme they have come up with for their products, which are being used by the buyers for many years now.

Routegurus is supporting the efforts of the Salvation Army and Good Will and help them gather money for their social work and public welfare endeavours. People who recycle using the Salvation Army and Good Will collection centres that are set up all over the United States, will benefit from an exchange scheme where buyers can exchange their old microfibers and rags for new ones at discounted prices.

The company’s CEO commented, “These old rags will be donated to the collection centers of the Salvation Army and Good Will Organization, who will be able to recycle this old products and get the money they need from the recycling centres.”

This new recycling scheme has already captured the attention of world media and also that of the buyers, who think that this is a noble effort on their as well as the company’s part. Often, it has been seen that some people can’t donate any money for public welfare. But, now they have a chance to contribute in the works of the Salvation Army by donating old rags, and they can feel good about it.

A company spokesperson remarked, “Its a two-in-one scheme from Routegurus. First, they can increase awareness among the people regarding the importance of recycling. Second, they can put forward a new way or strategy to assist their buyers in donating for a noble cause – something like having the cake and eating it too.”

Meanwhile, no word on how the other companies have taken this news and what they are doing to match up with this strategy, but it seems crystal clear that this scheme formulated by Routegurus will bring all the companies in one single line to do what they have done, so that they can earn the love of the common folk. Visit for more information



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