Do you despise the task of washing your car? You dont’t have to!

Many people despise the tedious task of washing cars or other vehicles.
It requires time, effort, and a lot of tolerance, especially when people accidentally scratch or scuff the paint job of their car during washing it.

Now however, there is a much simpler, much easier, and much more efficient solution to car cleaning jobs: the MicroCareful Washing Mitt.

Better and more durable than standard car washing mitts, the MicroCareful makes use of soft microfiber technology. This enables you to literally wipe your car or vehicle clean without any scruffs, scratches, or any damages.
On the contrary, it provides a shine to your car, kind of like buffing and shining would.

What MicroCareful Can Do
There are two functional benefits of the MicroCareful car washing mitt:
1) Removes all dirt, dust, grime, and smudges from vehicles’ surfaces easily and brings out a gloss to the surface that makes the vehicle look shiny and attractive.
2) Keep the paint job intact without causing scratches and wears.

The Material and Production
The MicroCareful mitt is extremely absorbent due to the microfiber technology. To ensure full satisfaction and convenience, its production makes zero use of harmful chemicals and the mitt feature double stitches to provide strength and durability. No more hassles with those weak and tear-vulnerable cotton mitts anymore.
The MicroCareful mitt comes in purple color and the microfiber technology is presented within a “fluffy” exterior. This exterior is the reason behind the mitts extra absorbency technology and it is great at absorbing soap and water for easy car or vehicle cleaning. The black elastic band is adjustable and fits easily around all hands. The inside is comfortable and the outside is spectacular at cleaning surfaces.

-¬retusate-2Who Can Use It
Anyone who wants an easier solution to cleaning their car should definitely opt for the MicroCareful! The mitt is designed to fit all hand sizes because of the elastic band that provides adjustability and since it is simple to use, anyone can use it easily.
You can also use it for all vehicles like boats, RVs, trucks, cars, vans, etc. Any surface that you want super clean without damaging its paint job – MicroCareful cleaning mitt is for you!
Additionally, these MicroCareful mitts are machine washable so they can be used over and over again. It comes with a complimentary absorbent towel that helps you dry off newly cleaned surfaces.

Overall, the technology of MicroCareful is very efficient and simple. It is an easy and comfortable solution to a big hassle such as that of cleaning and washing cars.

The product is offered by RouteGurus.
RouteGurus is a name that delivers easy and simple solutions for cars and that is definitely apparent from the great solution of MicroCareful.

– article written by Kate

Posted on December 2, 2014 in Products&More

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